Display messages your business care about.

Setup takes only 3 minutes.

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Notifications for offline business

Customers could be informed about their orders. Easier than you think. Your page may be displayed on screen or TV.

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Motivate yourself and your employees

Display messages related to your business: notify employees about anything right in your office, share your business's success metrics, celebrate milestones.

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Just try it out and take the vibe

It takes about 3 minutes to set up or look at demo right now

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How Do They Do It?

Easy, quick, incredible

  • Login with Facebook or Google. Just a click.

  • Enter emails where from will be sending messages.

  • For example it could be any CRM, ERP system or custom code. You can forward messages to [email protected] or make special mailing.

  • In other case you can use API. Just generate API Key and follow the API instructions link.

  • Come up a name for the link.

  • Click save button and add into bookmarks.

  • Turn on your TV or fullscreen mode.

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Our crew

Work it harder, make it better

Mark Bezyaev

Product Developer

A huge experience in products form scratch

Igor Samokhovets

Marketing & Sales

Synergy of growth, sales, creativity mindset

Igor Klochkov


Feels the point between customer and result

Have a question?

Keep calm and rest

For what?

We want to give an opportunity to broadcast your messages in some nice way. Orders, customers, new visitors, reached goals, whatever you want. There it is!

How does it work?

You should send email messages to [email protected] and all the messages will be displayed on a page you've gotten. Or you can use API for sending messages.


We have collected a huge amount of feedback after ProductHunt experience and implemented API support.

Can I send it from multiple addresses?

Yes, just set them up on settings page

What else?

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What should I do if see a danger text?

Message us via email [email protected] as soon as possible. We will block that account.

Less plans, Less limits

First 100 users are getting free version up to 1 year


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  • Unlimited messages
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  • Support on demand
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